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There are many reasons why you may be considering looking to hire a Nanny. Perhaps you are going back to work, or you don't have a family member for a helping hand or maybe you just want a little well deserved TLC! Deciding to employ a Nanny and have them around your precious bean is …

Should we be telling our children they are beautiful?

Nanny Maryanne

I remember when I was growing up I had a tendency to overjudge myself. I really didn’t think much of who I am. I was always focussing on my imperfections and looking back now, they probably were the smallest things, but I guess in my head it was easily blown out of proportion.beautiful-931152_1920Thankfully, I had the best Mother in the world. At least once a day she’d look at me and say “Do you know how beautiful you are”? 

My goodness, it worked a treat. I could already feel myself walking taller.

Although this was a little bit of magic my Mother used very often, recently I have been observing some very different views and opinions from which I really want us to question if, in fact, Should we be complimenting our children? 

Let’s get some ideas!


Jo Swinson-

A British Liberal Democrat party politician recently suggested that complimenting…

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Gender neutral parenting, has it gone too far?

Nanny Maryanne

Wherever you are, whoever you are, It’s highly likely that you will have your own opinions on gender-neutral parenting and its effects, good or bad in today’s society.

My question to you is this,

do you think a gender-neutral style of parenting is completely harmless to our children or are we doing more harm than good?

 What does it all mean? 


Gender neutral parenting involves a parenting approach which encourages parents to break away from gender binary. It suggests parents should focus on raising their children in an open world in which they are free to express themselves without restrictions to whichever gender they were born as.

Children are brought up in a world which they are free to live as they choose. Girls and boys are raised be who they are given choice over who they are and what they wear without automatically falling into boy and girl stereotypes.

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Bare-Minimum parenting- The must-have survival guide

Nanny Maryanne


What? Bare minimum parenting?

Noo..that can’t be!

You rub your eyes and check the title again.

Bare minimum parenting!

Sound’s like music to your ears right?


What if I could tell you there is an easier way to raise a decent child AND come out the battleground of parenthood in one piece?

No more helicopter parenting. No more scary statements that make you obsess over every little thing that happens in your family!

Are you in? 

During my career as a Nanny, I’ve seen just about everything. One thing I find myself participating in, more than anything else, is normally calming and consoling parents.

Just last week, a parent broke down in front of me. She said she wasn’t good enough and kept getting things wrong. She felt incredibly bad when she couldn’t attend bake sales and school plays. And it’s funny. Her children are growing into wonderful, kind…

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Inexpensive, but romantic date nights for parents

Nanny Maryanne

Have you ever googled “date night”? Gosh, there are so many results! It’s safe to say there are so many to choose from. However, I’d love to share with you the dates which I know work for all you parents who are probably exhausted most of the time.

I’m not going to suggest setting up a 10-course meal after putting your kiddos to bed cause lets face it, I don’t think even without children I’d have the willpower for that nonsense.

I’m going to cut the faff of recommending childcare or robbing a bank for a luxury spa weekend because children made you tired and broke.

Of course, if any of you already do these things, that’s fantastic. However, I’m just bouncing off of the odds. You might rather this dating stuff to be as smooth as possible, especially after a long day trying to get toddlers to chill out…

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