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Hello! My name is Mary-Anne, Welcome to my little Nanny world!

I’m so excited to share my journey with you! Follow my Instagram and Facebook too and you’ll be the first to see some amazing content!

Let me tell you where my exciting journey began…


I have always worked with children, it is a way if life which makes my heart very happy.  After graduating, I began working in nurseries but I found I could never quite put as much care into each child’s life as it was always GO GO GO!

I began working with a few clients 1 on 1 and this job felt just right for me. From newborns to twins, bi-lingual children, autistic children, additional support needs, toddlers, teenagers, I have worked with everyone!



I began this Blog to really support Parents throughout their journey, and share my ultimate Blogging tips and tricks!

By investing in me throughout our journey together you will receive the best value possible!

I know just how much support and care Parents need for the best possible outcome for their children! And that my friends, is my ultimate goal!

The more I can help, the more I have succeeded!


I have left a lovely little reference from one of my families who are very close to my heart.

“Mary Anne has been our nanny since our daughter Peggy Margot Powell was 3 months old.
From the first day of being with Peggy, Mary Anne showed a level of maturity that exceeded her years and had a knowledge of newborns and children in general that impressed me and made me feel at ease instantly. Cut to the present day and Peggy is over 13 months old and I honestly can’t imagine our life without Mary Anne in it. She has been with our family at every milestone and Peggy is a thriving, happy and super content little girl. Mary Anne is kind, understanding and very respectful”.


Each day I support families in my care. At each milestone and hurdle, I am there for them.

I fell in love with Nanning and through my blog, it is my mission to support families through the world and share my trusted strategies.

In any family, life can be such a great test and with every bump in the road along the way we need people to rely on who absolutely know their stuff!


As a businesswoman, I have so much to share with you! At times I’m nearly bouncing off my chair with excitement, I just can’t wait to share my value with you!

If you are ready for some real-life tips and tricks and expert stories and support you wouldn’t hear anywhere else then we’d love to have you on an amazing journey!

Let’s begin the adventure!

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