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Before becoming a Nanny, I graduated with a fully qualified childcare practitioner and began working in nurseries. I met so many wonderful people and built up a lot of experience in my field.


This was a lovely experience and taught me so much!

However, something was missing, I adored working with families one on one but as there were so many children to care for, I often couldn’t put as much love and care into their little lives as I know I could and wanted to.

I made a quick decision to chase my dream! I began looking into Nanny jobs and my goodness! From day one I was in love with my new career. No job I have had in the past felt the same. It enabled me to truly put my skills to the test and work directly with families which I oh so loved! I met so many beautiful little bambinos!  The only part I didn’t love was saying goodbye- this always made me a tearful, to say the least!


I am truly blessed to have worked with so many wonderful families. Each completely unique and special to me! Here are a few families with whom I’ve had the pleasure of working with…!

Double trouble!

Working with twins was a crazy, fun experience which always had me falling asleep on the couch after a long day! 

Both little kiddos were such happy, cheeky chop little children! Both incredibly loveable! I remember the boy was full of energy, loved to giggle and couldn’t resist a good cuddle! We totally had that in common, ha!

The girl loved to dance along to songs, get stuck into activities and bop bits of food down my top! At the end of a shift, I’d come home and find a little pile to crumbs rolling out my jumper!

I supported the family while the mum was transitioning from maternity leave back to work and I even got to see one of the girl twin’s first steps!

How lucky am I?!


Three’s a crowd!

I worked with a family who had three children, one girl who was 4, one boy of 8 and another boy of 11! The eldest of the children needed extra support due to having Asperger’s.

Having worked with children who needed this extra support before, I was very aware of what to expect and how to deal with different situations.

Non the less, I’ll be honest, It was damn challenging. I really do give so much credit to their parents.

Of course, I absolutely loved them to bits, as I do all children!  I often picked them up from school, brought them home and we’d do activities and homework together. They all really enjoyed a little one on one time with me doing something they loved to do. I still have many of their pictures and birthday cards they made me! 

They were truly lovable, fun and very clever children and it was an honour supporting the family! 




Peggy and sisters!

Oh, where do I begin! This one always gets me teary!

When we first met, I was going through an incredibly challenging time in my life and funnily enough so were the family. I met their newborn at only a few weeks old. She was a gorgeous little pink bundle and I loved her already. Not only did I begin working with an amazing new family, I made some lifelong friends! As the Mother worked from home, after my shift she’d often make us some tea and she’d sit on the sofa with me and talk through what I was struggling with at the time. It really began a lovely reciprocal relationship in which we both needed! 

A few weeks after, I met their older girls! As I normally worked while they were at school, I usually didn’t see them. They were, and still are, absolutely bonkers!!  Their personalities are so crazy, energetic and full of fun! I love them for how unique and loving they are. They are incredibly loving with their baby sister and often get so excited to see and cuddle her after school!

A year on and we’ve been on trips, had dinner, outings and done so many lovely things together. Their baby girl can say a few words and is also starting to walk!!

It has been a wonderful journey and I’m still excited to see what lays ahead!

One lucky Nanny


I love my job for everything you can teach the children and everything they can teach you! I love it for giving me the opportunity to shape and see little ones grow. I love it for teaching me that growing up isn’t for everyone! 

If you need any support with your family please don’t hesitate to contact me through my contact page!

In the meantime, please share your thoughts with me and give me a follow!


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  1. Charli Dee says:

    Such rewarding work! I love children too, so this was so beautiful to read! I really love your blog, and it’s been nice getting know you through it! Thankyou for following my blog! ❤️


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