Inexpensive, but romantic date nights for parents

Have you ever googled “date night”? Gosh, there are so many results! It’s safe to say there are so many to choose from. However, I’d love to share with you the dates which I know work for all you parents who are probably exhausted most of the time.

I’m not going to suggest setting up a 10-course meal after putting your kiddos to bed cause lets face it, I don’t think even without children I’d have the willpower for that nonsense.

I’m going to cut the faff of recommending childcare or robbing a bank for a luxury spa weekend because children made you tired and broke.

Of course, if any of you already do these things, that’s fantastic. However, I’m just bouncing off of the odds. You might rather this dating stuff to be as smooth as possible, especially after a long day trying to get toddlers to chill out and sleep!

Piece of cake, right?alexandra-golovac-781115-unsplash.jpg

Staying close is such a wonderful thing in which we can commit to and show our love for one another. It’s important we don’t give up with our loved one and continue to nurture the relationship in whatever form it takes. There are endless fun date night ideas which are entirely possible after children so it’s time to get excited!


I had to start with this since it is my personal favourite. Let’s set the scene. Kids are in bed and you are alone (finally). Grab some oil or cream, pop on a candle and treat your person to a little love.

This activity encourages you both to get a little intimate and communicate directly! You don’t need to worry about how to do it, just keep that communication line open on what feels good!


Write a love letter

You don’t have to be some modern-day Romeo for this, trust me.

Keep that little butterfly feeling in their stomach by writing a short letter whenever you feel like it. It not only makes someone day it will absolutely make your loved one feel all mushy inside. Who doesn’t wanna feel mushy? Plus they can then keep these letters in keepsakes. Writing a letter is the simplest thing but definitely delivers a grand gesture.


Planetarium date- highly romantic!

What’s more romantic than stargazing? Have a family member look after the kids for one night and jump into the sky for this date.

Plan this date because there is nothing more amazing than lusting after billions and billions of twinkling stars in our amazing solar system!


Bake with your love

This could be a wonderful family activity if the kids are still not asleep! Or, if your the lucky ones and your kiddos are out like lights it’s time to have some fun! Baking together doesn’t have to be a big deal, keep it simple! Click here and try out these delicious recipes to tantalize your loves taste buds.


Talk about your first date

Remember those clammy hands and nervous laughs? Let’s talk about that stuff.

I know with kids sometimes things can get very…kiddy! Simply reminiscing about the first time you met brings up a whole bunch of lovely dovy feelings.


Have a conversation that doesn’t involve talking about the kids!

If any of you saw my big fat Greek wedding 2 you’ll remember the scene when the parents go on a dinner date and can’t find anything to talk about other than the kids!

Of course, many of your conversations will be surrounded by kid queries but I think it’s important we as partners still know who we are and why we are together.

Make a rule one evening (preferably when the kids are asleep or at a friends house) not to talk about them. Instead, focus your attention on the person sitting across from you who was there before you had kids.

By keeping this up time to time reminds us why we are together and ultimately continues a strong solid relationship even after kids!


Meditate together

For some of you, this may not be your thing, which is cool. Instead, have a quiet time, light a candle, have a bath, literally anything that you find relaxing and share this time with your person.

I like to do this when I know my partner may be going through something or simply had a rough day. By doing this together is such a loving and supporting act. It says to your partner I understand how you are feeling and I’m with you in this.

Click here for a guided meditation

Many times just being there in whatever way we can to acknowledge the feelings of your person will bring you closer and closer.


Compliment each other

Whatever you end up doing, if there’s one thing that bring’s couples together is telling your loved one that you like the way they look.

Especially after children, many Mother’s can feel very down on themselves. It’s safe to say that being covered in baby sick and wiping bums doesn’t exactly make you feel like the sexiest woman in the world.

Notice little changes here and there. They way they smell, look or something nice they did that you noticed. By making your loved one feel beautiful in some way is not only a massive ego boost it will certainly make effort totally worth it!


Try out some Apps

Okay so the kids are in bed, time to try out some new thing’s that don’t require getting off the couch!

Try love box ! They handle all your date nights for you so you don’t need to do the thinking!

Another great app is called iKamasutra which is a winner for keeping thing’s hot between the sheets! It put’s the famous Kamasutra experiments right into your pocket!


Wine, candles and Netflix

Who doesn’t love a cosy night in? Pop on some comfy pj’s, snuggle up and choose a romantic comedy to get in the mood.

The perfect thing to do after a long day when the kiddos are in bed!



Very often the best thing we can continue to do for our special person is just to be there and to be loving.

Put just as much energy into them as you do your children,

and above all be kind, be silly and continue to appreciate and acknowledge them.

I hope you have a wonderful date night with your love and as always please let me know if you have tried any suggestions, did they work?

Happy dating, parents!

Nanny M x



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  1. Love these ideas! Dating our husbands is sooo important with kids and I love that you are inspiring us to do so! It’s hard but worth it!


    1. Awh thank you so much! I absolutely agree! I’m so glad you enjoyed it 🙂
      Nanny M x


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