Everything parents need to know about baby weaning!

Must read for parents!

Nanny Maryanne

Have you ever found this subject a little confusing?

I know I have!

Weaning comes with a magnitude of information bombarded our way, it’s easy to feel rather overwhelmed and apprehensive even before we wean our children!

Have no fear! Nanny Maryanne is here! (That probably sounded way cooler in my head…God loves a trier eh?)

I’m going to share everything you need to know to make you full of confidence with your babe.

Whether you have started weaning or planning on it, I guarantee this stuff is NOT worth a miss!jessica-to-oto-o-770510-unsplash

What is weaning?

Let’s start way at the beginning (I told you I wouldn’t miss anything)!

It’s a given that at some point or another in your child’s life, they will be eating solid foods typically 3 times a day.

Although it might sound simple, at this stage, babies can’t go from having milk all their lives and…

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