What restaurants can I bring my Dog AND children across Glasgow?



Okay, I am super happy writing this post as I get to combine two of my favourite passions. Little fluffy tails and kiddos!

I have to admit this sort of meal would be a pretty awesome day out for me!

You’d probably see some crazy Nanny running towards you excited for a baby cuddle and a play with your doggo. I don’t know why but in my head this scene would be all slow motion…Nanny M just got wayy cooler!

Anyway, serious time!

If you are looking for some really amazing places to take your children and little fluffers, keep on reading as it only gets better!

Links are in the titles!

1- Urban West

If you are looking for a cosy place to take your family for a little yummy brunch, you have to head over here right now!

Located on Great Western Road, it is super close to lots of travel links and the Botanical Gardens if you fancy making a day of it with your kiddos and dog!


2-Cafe Strange Brew

Find this little gem in Pollockshaws, not only is this Cafe amazing with dogs the food is totally yummy!

Lots of awesome options like Advcado toast and poached eggs, and if that’s not sold you then I am pretty sure their pancakes and French toast will!


3-The Bungo

Located in Glasgow’s Southside, Staff here have been said to give your dog a chew toy to entertain him!

They are awesome with kids and serve Gluten-free and Vegan options so there is something for all families!

They serve drinks and mouthwatering breakfast, lunch and dinner!


4- Dandelion Cafe

This little beauty is located in Glasgow’s southside and has a lovely area outside where you can enjoy your morning coffee and your kiddos and dogs can play a little while you get ready for the day!

They have lots of breakfast and Brunch options to fill you up and they also have a takeaway window if you want to dine on the move!


5- Southside roasters

Located in Pollockshaws, this is a super cool coffee shop which is just perfect for a cuppa with the fam or entirely by yourself! Sometimes as a parent a wee spot of me time is just the ticket!

Their milk is non-homogenised which means a cuppa will form a juicy bit of cream at the top of your drink. Even more so, it comes from Moss Giel farm in Ayrshire so you can sip knowing that it is super fresh and local!

Bring your pooch along and have a wee cup and toastie!


6- BrewDog DogHouse

The clue for this one is in the title, wink wink!

They serve really awesome barbeque food with some awesome sides and a massive selection of quality beer. They allow dogs to sit in with their families which is great as they get to join in on the family experience!

What’s better than a little meat, beer and watching dogs running about? Plus, this is win-win for entertaining children!


7- Church on the Hill

This little beauty comes highly recommended!

Located in Glasgow’s Southside, this one came recommended by a Mother so I trust here we are gold! She told me this place is super child and dog-friendly so that’s just music to my ears!

They have 2 courses for children for 5 pounds and its all yummy meals which are always a hit with the little ones!

Also, they serve complimentary winter Crudites at the start of the meal “to keep hunger at bay”.


8- Firebird

Firebird is an amazing go to if you are having one of those “I would love to go out with the family and Dog but where do we go” Moments!

They are really accepting of dogs, just as long as the owners are responsible which is perfectly reasonable! Firebird is great with children and provides paper and crayons so they are entertained while waiting for some yummy food!

They serve all sorts of delicious pizzas, pasta, lunchtime foods, and breakfasts every Saturday and Sunday!


9- Surf Dogs

Don’t worry, you won’t need a surfboard in this place!

If you or your family are ever in the mood for a super yummy and different hot dog, this is your place!

They are super welcoming to dogs and children so this is a great place for families!

They serve all kinds of Gourmay Hot Dogs including, a morning after dog, nacho dog, Buffalo dog, Bob Marley dog and Laika dog. But there are tonnes more to choose from, why not head there and try something cool and unusual?


10- Ivory Hotel


I am seeing more and more people vote this as the best restaurant in Glasgow’s Southside!

Dos are welcomed and even given treats! It looks onto Queens park so this is a lovely place to stop off at after a walk in the park with your children and dog!

They serve super yummy food and are very happy to have dogs sit with you while you have your meal!

Plus, if you like what you see you could return there for a little kid-free night without the kids!



As always thank you a million for reading! I know I have been doing a few foodie/ child posts recently but I will probably have a break from it now as I always end up super hungry and salivating over my keyboard by the end!

Please let me know if you enjoyed this post and if you have ever been to these places!

What was your experience like?

Have a wonderful day all and I wish you lots of love!

Nanny M x

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  1. Love it! This could have easily been a blog on My Saturday Drive haha!

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  2. Ishani Roy says:

    A gift of life that we have
    Such a soulful poem


  3. Did you enjoy my post? Probably should write something if you want me to visit yours!


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