Amazing Christmas gifts for toddlers

Hello all! What a year it’s been! How have you been coping? Please feel free to let me know how you are doing in the comments section or hit me up on social media. I will leave the link here. I’m always up for a natter. (Side note, if natter confused you, it’s what we call a chat in Scotland!)

I know you must think I am nuts mentioning the C word already .(Second and last side note, I am a little nuts I guess but that is a whole other field of chickens.)

I know many of you have begun investigating treats for the kiddos this year so I thought I would get my thinking cap on!

Can you believe that I saw a house not far from mines already has their Christmas decorations up?!

I think it’s madness…BAH HUMBUG!


This year I really would love for kiddos to have a wonderful Christmas. I imagine it’s been pretty strange and difficult for them. Birthday’s have been completely different to normal, traveling is restricted and at one point here even playing on the swings and slides was a no go. I was constantly at the park as a child, swinging my daft Scottish head upside down like a monkey on the play frames! I can’t quite imagine what I would have done or felt like had someone told me I can’t play as normal.

So, with Christmas looming around the corner, I thought Nanny M should pile up a lovely big list of Christmas presents I know parents and children love!

Let’s spoil kids ever so slightly this Christmas after a long and muddlesome year.

Leap frog Ice cream scoop and learn

This is a super dooper treat for the kids this Christmas! I’m yet to meet a kiddo that doesn’t get so gosh darn over the moon excited over ice cream! This is the perfect ice cream scoop toy!

Proud mama natural play set

How lovely is this?! I just love natural, Montessori inspired toys and the kids seam to love them too! Plus, it’s pretty!

The chicken from Moana

How fun, crazy and goofy was this chicken from Moana? I have a slight craving to buy one for myself! Either that or a thousand of these chickens,

I very much enjoy scaring my partner.

Nanny M’s Learning books

If you are worried that your kiddos brains will turn a little mushy this Christmas, I have the perfect solution! The books are packed full of interactive fun activities for children to do! Plus, they cover a wide range of topics including-

A daily affirmation, colour learning, months, days of the week, seasons, the child’s birthday and name, learning about our world, vehicles, emotions and lots more!

Check them out here!

Kids piano mat

What better way to have your little one learn jingle bells than with this piano mat! Kids are able to get a little boogie while they are busting out the tunes too!

Munchkin bath time crayons

Who’s kid wishes they could doodle away Picasso’s replicas while soaking up in some bubbles? Well now they can!

These crayons are wonderful as a stocking filler! They wash away super easily and they make bath time fun!

Fish for floaters

Other than a good old doodle…get my joke?

That’s all I’m going to say on this one because I don’t know how to advertise poop fishing.

Giant teddy bear

I remember when I was little and from what I can remember I think it was my birthday. My Mother and Brother told me to sit down and close my eyes, so I did. When I opened them I had a beautiful big teddy on my lap. It definitely wasn’t as big as this one, but how it became a wonderful memory!

Sometimes all kids need is a big fluffy cuddle from Mr bear.

Jemima puddle duck pull along

How sweet is this?!

Pull along toys are great because they help children when they are learning to walk, plus kids always love taking their toys for a walk! What better toy to walk than Miss Jemima puddle duck herself?

Baby shark play dough

What better way to spend the holidays than getting crafty with baby shark!

Let me know how much you despise the song in the comment section and we can be pals.

Night time star toy

I think this is lovely! I really like kids star projectors so the fact that they can actually hold the toy and give it a cuddle while looking at the stars coming from it is a really nice idea!

Imagine after a long day cuddled up with your little one watching the stars.

Kids water table

Get your little ones exploring their senses with this fab water table!

A wooden dolls house

How pretty is this dolls house? Such a beautiful gift for a boy or a girl! Imagine how excited children would be seeing a massive present like this wrapped up on Christmas morning.

Magnetic blocks

If you are wanting to keep your little ones busy and entertained this Christmas don’t look any further than these magnetic blocks! So much for children to make!

Magnetic drawing board

Who doesn’t love wooden toys! This Montessori inspired drawing board is perfect for arty kids! They even gift wrap it for you so you don’t need to, woho!

My little Montessori house

This has got to be my favourite! It comes with tiles of different rooms that you would find in a house and kids get to decide what to put in each room. It’s a fantastic gift that helps children make even more sense of the world which they live in.

Milly and Ted count and match

Kids love sorting out colours and numbers in this lovely wooden toy set!

Beat that

Is it even Christmas without a fun, silly family game?!

Fun bath stickers

When little one is all doodled out this is another great gift to make bath time super fun!

Interactive map

Learn about our world with award winning interactive map!

Kitchen sink

This battery operated sink means that your little one can actually play with the sink while the water comes out the tap! It’s pretty affordable too and keeps little hands busy!

Also a good idea to train them young.

A Christmas story

Would it be Christmas without a beautiful new story? I love that you can customize it too!

I hope you guys really liked my fun (slightly wacky) list of Christmas presents!

Feel free to leave a comment about how knowledgeable and clever you find me or even to share that I am not alone in hating a particuar song…

If you don’t know what song I’m talking about you did far too much skimming and I demand you start this post over this instant!

Seriously though, please let me know how you are doing after everything this year!

Until next time,

Nanny M x


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  1. These are all fantastic ideas 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much! Have a lovely Christmas x


  2. Buy me one of those chickens

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    1. You sure you ran a tempt fate?


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