Tips to cope with lockdown blues this Christmas

What a year it has been! With all of it’s up’s and downs, I thought I would share the importance of coping with feeling low this Christmas, as I think that this has been the year where it’s been easiest to feel down.

How are you all doing? Please feel free to reach out, it is a seriously tough time and I am happy to chat to any of you whatever you may be going through. I’m currently looking for a new nanny family to care for. Normally it’s pretty easy for me to go from one family to the next, but with covid still going on, it’s proving a tough job for me. With this, and not being able to travel with my love My Saturday Drive it has been really tough on us. Escaping and exploring our beautiful Scotland is one thing which is deeply imbedded in our souls. It is very much a part of who we are.

So with Christmas only a few days away now, I thought I would share how I have learned to cope with lockdown blues as it can happen to anyone.

Heading to Iona, Scotland

Get out, get out and get out some more

Get outside. With the media and everyone you meet telling you to stay home it’s so easy to take that advice and stick with it. Staying indoors all the time is really horrible for your metal health and in my opinion, it should not be something which is advertised.

Think of all the ads that you see now. Greasy food deliveries, staying home, working from home. Hardly any of these ads are advocating a healthy lifestyle of eating right, going on walks and learning new skills. Weird, right?

I feel like it’s almost controversial to tell you all to get outside, but staying home all the time unless you absolutely have to, in my opinion is completely unnecessary. Get yourself out in the fresh air as much as you can.

Don’t be afraid to think against the crowd

Again, I’m going to bring up another controversial topic here but I believe someone has to say something.

Throughout lockdown, myself and some others have noticed something.

It is so easy for humans to give up their freedom.

I think it’s crazy. Everybody these days has such a sheep mentality and I have honestly had enough of it. You can’t say boo to someone without them being offended or dare not even start a social media post without “Hope everyone is safe and well”.

I’m not saying covid isn’t real, for sure it is, and I am not telling you all to go do something crazy. Covid is a horrible virus and we should be taking all the precautions necessary.

However, what I wish is that people weren’t so easy to wait until their are “allowed” to have their freedom. Question it, speak up like I am, don’t be afraid to think against the tide.

Often in today’s society, large amounts of people believe in something and curse anyone that has a different view. People tend to have beliefs that they know nothing about, only that it’s what everyone else believes, so that must be right…right?

A massive part of your mental health is having your own mind. I hate the snowflakes of today’s society. Never put anyone else’s health at risk, but stop for a minute before following orders. Have your own mind and own opinions about everything.

Don’t give up your human right’s so easily.

Turn off the TV and learn a new skill

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard “Oh, I don’t know how much more TV I can watch being stuck indoors”. I mean hey, If you want to have a tv marathon, go for it! But another idea is to start something new. Make a business, add extra income, write a book, learn something new.

Other than all the greasy food delivery and staying home ads, I am yet to come across anyone advocating for us to learn and improve our incomes.

It’s so easy once we are told to stay home for us to sit all day and waste away the hours, but I believe a better way for people to spend their time is to up themselves, in whatever way possible.

It’s important for all humans no matter what age we are, to feel like we have a contribution to society. Making change, improving who we are and adding to our income no matter how small or big it may be.

Self improvement is a huge way to cope with lockdown blues because we as humans, need to feel like we are bettering ourselves as individuals.

Be kind without having to be kind

Before I started this blog post, I got a message from a family member who is in her 70’s. She lives with her Father who is in his late 90’s. They have been self isolating all year and haven’t really gone further than their back garden. She asked me if I am home to which I replied yes. Half an hour later I heard a chap at my door, I open and there are a bag of presents for myself and my partner. I look out and see her in the back of a taxi waving as it goes away.

Honestly, I cried.

I just think after the year that they have had, it was so unbelievably sweet of her.

A few years ago, we took her on a road trip day around Scotland. We made her a playlist of all her songs from the olden days. They are always the best of songs, aren’t they? We plan to give her a video this Christmas of that day with lots of amazing photos, plus little videos of her dancing away in the car.

Her kindness today reminded me how important it is to be kind.

True kindness is the type where you don’t have to be kind. It’s the lovely stuff that makes our souls grow.

The world can be a dark place. People can be cruel and life doesn’t always work out in our favour.

Be kind during this Christmas, it’s the kind of work that increases your metal health when it’s not obvious that it is.

Don’t let anyone treat you without 100% respect

This is the easiest time to cling onto people regardless of how they treat you. Whether it’s a relationship, friendship or work, don’t let anyone treat you in a unhealthy way because you are afraid of life without them.

Something which massively affects our mental health is accepting negativity in out lives.

This Christmas, a way to cope with everything that is going on is to make sure that everyone that is in your life is treating you the way that you deserve. You can make a stronger you during lockdown by ensuring that you are being treated with nothing but love and kindness.

Accept nothing but light in your life because that is what you need.

Everything will be better in the morning

This is something my Mother used to tell me and it is still true to this very day. If you happen to be having a rough day, always sleep on it. Then the next day, wake up, get outside and then learn something new. Chat to your neighbour and ask how they are doing.

Getting out for a little bit is crazy good for you. Not only will your body thank you, your mind will too.

And like I perviously said, always question things you are told to do.

  • Don’t allow yourself to be handcuffed without knowing why
  • Don’t stop improving yourself in all ways
  • Don’t stop being kind because your soul will thank you
  • Don’t stay home all day
  • Don’t accept to be treated in any negative way by anyone

And with that I wish you all a very Merry Christmas! Please do let me know in the comment section what you thought of my post. I know a few of my points are a little controversial but tough. I really don’t want to be one of the many with the same ideas and opinions as the rest.

I want to have my own mind, my own thoughts which I believe in. And that, I believe is another role in my own mental health during this Christmas.

Sending love to all of you, have a simply wonderful New Year- with lots of time outside I hope!

Until next time,

Nanny M x


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