What you didn’t know…

Sometimes it can be the loveliest thing to actually see the writer behind all these wonderful blog posts you’ve been reading!

So let me introduce you, to well, me!


I grew up in Glasgow, Scotland where I still currently stay!


Other than my main love, childcare I also love travelling, dogs and have a borderline crazy obsession with candles.

In life, it is really important to me to see as much and do as much as I can. I understand the value of life, and having new experiences in our world makes me really excited!

Each weekend, or when we have time off work my partner and I will drive somewhere awesome in Scotland!

Just last weekend we climbed (struggled) Ben Lomond! Let me know if you guys have been here!42549003_467908153730966_5947280698405552128_n













Growing up was not all sunshine and roses. The hard truth is that my Brother and I had many obstacles and hard times growing up. We were a family of few luxuries but it didn’t matter because our Mother showered us with love and kindness. She shaped us both into strong, loving people. And for that and countless other things, I will always sing her praises.


After leaving school I jumped into childcare courses and eventually Graduated. Everyone I knew went into nursery teaching but I had a drive in me to make my own business. I didn’t want to be another sad person on the bus going to a forever 9-5 job. I wanted to get excited to go to work each day. I wanted to have bigger goals than everybody else to enable me to do more in life!



I guess this is when you could say my business was born! I have so many plans for the future in this, but right now I’m loving sharing everything I know with you.




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  1. Loved it. Glad to see who’s behind this great content!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you @mysaturdaydrive!! So excited for more amazing content 😁


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