Awesome Autumnal Activities!

As the trees are changing into some beautiful fall colours and we are seeing the sunlight a little less (especially here in Scotland), some educational and fun activities are definitely on the cards!

Here are a few of my tried and tested favourites! 


Toilet roll scarecrow!isolated-1009175_1920.png


This is a super easy activity! It’s easy to do and you will most likely already have the materials required!

You will need:

  • Empty toilet roll.
  • Wooden sticks (scarecrows arms) – you could use lollypop sticks, toothpicks (cut off the sharp bit.
  • Glue.
  • Pens, pencils.
  • Yellow strips of paper or cardboard for the hair.
  • And a cupcake case for a hat.


Decorate the toilet roll as your little one wishes, then carefully glue the yellow strips to the cupcake case hat. Stick your wooden sticks either side of his body to make arms and then stick your hat onto the body and hey presto! You’ll have a little scarecrow friend!


Recycled cork Autumn tree! alley-autumn-autumn-colours-235721.jpg


Beautiful way of teaching children what happens to our world during different seasons and also very usual way to put old house items to use!

You will need:

  • Old corks (or you could use coins, fingerprints, anything small and round).
  • Paints, mainly red, orange and yellow colours.
  • pencils (mainly brown to scetch the tree trunk).
  • Leaves (optional).
  • Paper Glue.



Start by outlining the tree trunk at the bottom of the page (you might like to do this yourself or have your little one do it depending on their age). Either colour the trunk in or have your kiddo stick on some torn up leaves! At the top of the trunk, your child can now dip the cork in the pain and press onto the paper! Once finished it looks very and is another way to re-use items!


Fall colour wheel!autumn-colorful-colors-33158.jpg

This is a lovely educational activity which helps little ones really get to grips with what our seasons mean!

You will need:

  • Glue.
  • Scissors.
  • Leaves of different colours (it is best to do this activity at the start of fall where you have a mix of green and red leaves.
  • Pencils.


This activity is great as it teaches so much, doesn’t require fancy materials and don’t take long too! If you or your child can draw a big circle, nearly covering anA-4 page, and draw a cross inside. Write Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter in each. You can then sit with your kiddo for a bit and quiz them on what leaves they thin belong to each season!


Pumpkin guts! autumn-decoration-fall-41200.jpg

If you want your cutie to explore their senses but are worried about making a mess, well this is the activity for you!

You will need:

  • Plastic sandwich bags.
  • Pumpkin.
  • Knife.



All you really need to do for this one is carve the pumpkin and pop lots of the seeds and pumpkin goodness inside the bag. Close, and watch your little one have a ball squishing pumpkin guts!


Tree bark rubbings! autumn-fall-leaves-284988.jpg


Its great to switch things up by having an activity outdoors! During this activity, your little one will learn about patterns, whoo!


You will need:

  • Paper (a large piece if possible).
  • Pins or blue tack.
  • Crayons (as they are thicker than pencils they help to see the patterns more).



Super simple, all you have to do is prop the paper up on the tree and watch your little one make something beautiful with nature!


Pumpkin volcano! autumn-decoration-halloween-41186.jpg


This activity is a fab way of collaborating science and Autumn together!


You will need

  • One pumpkin, with the top cut off and insides, scooped out.
  • Baking soda.
  • Vinger.
  • Liquid fairy soap.



Let your kiddo help with measuring and scooping the ingredients inside! One by one, add about a cup of banking soda, a cup of vinegar and a good squeeze of fairy soap! Once this is all done you can both watch a super cool pumpkin volcano erupting!

-Keep in mind you might want to use a large plastic storage container to seal in the explosion!



Did you try any of these activities or have any amazing suggestions? Let me know below, we are always looking for new ideas!! 




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