Why kids are a lot more than just kids!

Last week, on a completely normal day with my nanny kiddos I experienced something that has woken me up and I just couldn’t wait to tell you guys what happened!

So on Wednesday of last week, it was such a beautiful day outside in Glasgow (which is agriculture-environment-flower-33044.jpgsaying a lot) but sadly since it was a busy day for me I overlooked this and dived into my normal routine and schedule. Before I picked the families older girls up from school, I was having lots of fun time with their gorgeous baby daughter. She is very sweet and full of beans- which is probably why I am nodding off on the couch at the end of a nanny day!



Before we picked the older girls up from school, I was so intent of making everything perfect. I thought if I make sure little bambino here gets a lovely big lunch and a long nap she’ll have more fun later when we were all together. So I did my best to make sure everything was done with such precision only the military would be proud of! 43151028_1954913227889562_5815276059678998528_n

Of course, thing’s didn’t go as strict as I’d planned in my head! As little Bambino has recently started walking (and running!) She was having so much fun exploring and having her little adventures! Who wants to nap when things are so new and exciting?! My bright idea of a perfectly planned day was very slowly creeping away.

However, I’m very glad it did!

When it came to the school bell ringing and little peanut and I waiting for her sisters, both ran out and greeted us with such love and excitement. They really are very sweet girls!agenda-calendar-checklist-3243.jpg

When I asked, What do you guys feel like doing now”? They replied, LET’S GO TO THE PARK”! While jumping up and down. I  still don’t quite know why, but I was still focussed on this little “to do” list in my head, but for whatever reason, it was still at the forefront of everything I was doing.


At the park, the kiddos were having a blast and even little babe was getting to run around and explore! 43101797_251628478875470_7235729659814477824_n








As I was watching the kiddos run wild, I noticed they all were stopped in their tracks and bent over mesmerising at something. They were so amazed at this little thing I had to go check it out! And as I came over to observe the spectacle, I saw what it was. Ha, only a teeny tweeny bug! They studied this little bug with such a serious, caring and inquisitive nature it really gave me a little shake to stop and look at what I am not noticing!

The marvellous thing that happened here was not that I saw a bug with my kids and it changed my life, nothing like that! But what did remind me to change was how amazed and genially interested the kids were in this little bug. It reminded me how important as adults we still continue to notice and cherish even the smallest things in life. Here I was obsessing about my timetable for the day, I managed to miss so much!

Here are some very important things children are continuing to teach me:

  • It is okay not to have everything go perfect and smooth
  • Be silly!
  • Take time like they do to notice and appreciate the free things in life
  • Stop worrying!
  • Show everything and everyone love


God knows I love a good plan in my life but we must remember as adults out plans and own ideas of how we think things should go, is really not important at all. Wednesday’s events are really and truly shaping me into a better childcare provider and a better person. I have been applying my points above to this weeks nannying and you know what? I  feel better at my job and much more relaxed!

So43101502_331110927697927_5624683033333334016_n, whenever however you spent time with children please remember to let them teach you just much as you are teaching them!








Show little ones we can be pretty good kids too when we try! 43171505_240903813246471_7142303770255294464_n.jpg


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