7 things I learned when I became a Nanny!


Nannying has been such a great fit for me! It allows me to work independently and create a beautiful bond with new parents and their children. Working so close to families means I’m able to really support them in various ways in which I can see how vital a strong, non-judgemental support system really is!


Similar to many childcare jobs, you never stop learning! Heck, each day even now I am learning something new! The more you invest into each family the more you can shape your role with the family to best suit them. Whether you are considering a similar role yourself, or your family may be interested in my wonderful experience as a Nanny below are seven amazing things I have learned along the way that you have to know!! brothers-457234_1920



1- Respect and follow each families routine and personal preference!

This goes without saying! As a childcare worker, we are bringing in years and years of experience. When entering a household, it is important to adapt to each family’s way of doing things and personal routine. We are not there to change everything (unless necessary) We are there to provide support and professional guidance! What you do with one family, might not be suitable or even the same with another. It is important to affection-attachment-baby-1027931enter each household with an open mind!


2-Clear as a bell! bell-christmas-depth-of-field-754711.jpg

Very often, people will treat you the way you purpose to be treated! Now more often than not, families will treat you amazingly! However, because you are independent, things can get a little fussy! To avoid getting into sticky situations, make things as clear as a bell! Explaining boundaries, exact job description and whipping up a detailed contract are just a few ways you can ensure work life is as smooth as it can get!

3- Don’t be afraid to unleash your inner child (God knows I’m not!)jon-tyson-520850-unsplash.jpg

With all the seriousness in today’s world, Nannying can teach you that being silly occasional is not only just fun it is so necessary! With my kiddos, I allow myself to remain professional but also show them I’m definitely not growing old any time soon!

4- Nannying teaches you what parenting will be like43188563_1370630176404200_3229712705334018048_n

When I began working with families so closely, I underestimated how much I’d love little people that arent mine. I can’t imagine the feeling, I already feel like my heart is going to burst!

I saw so personally the real-life story of parenting! I saw even though it is unimaginably hard, the amount of energy and love they put into their children makes me so happy! Seeing this is really shaping how I want to be as a parent eventually.

5- Opposite of an office job?! Yes, please! business-businessmen-classroom-267507.jpg

There was always something about watching sad 9-5 adults in the morning bus as I went to school as a child that really put me off the whole idea. Don’t get me wrong, there are many office workers that perhaps don’t have a choice! However, for me, I knew I was destined for more and to experience excitement in the morning to go to work. And I really do have that now!

6-Budget! adult-banking-blur-1288483.jpg

There are many out there that believe us Nannies are rolling around on a bed of cash at the end of the day. Pa! I wish..! Between travel, food for the kids and experience alone it can often put a hole in our pocket, unfortunately! Make sure to record everything, and do weekly budgets on spending!

7-Don’t be afraid to say no! alex-rodriguez-santibanez-257452-unsplash

Saying no is okay! Many people told me before becoming a Nanny that my free time would go out the window. This is ludicrous!  I personally don’t see the point of working 24/7 if you never get to enjoy what you make occasionally! Which each situation, you have to make sure you are thinking about you also. Sometimes when I’m needing a break or I want to make plans I make this clear to my own family- way ahead of time of course! But hey! there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be benefitting from your work life too!


If you can’t already tell, I do love my job!artistic-blossom-bright-207962.jpg

I love watching little kiddos grow up and being a part of their development! It is a very special job in which I feel very honoured to know and support each family!

Please don’t hesitate to share your thought or quiz me on my daily Nannying life!!




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