Beautiful benefits of baby massage! Video included!

Baby massage! What is it?


Baby massage has been becoming more and more popular with families. It creates a unique and relaxing bonding moment between babe and the massager! It is incredibly beneficial to both your, and baby’s health as well as emotional, mental and physical development! Not only does it help your little one get a better and fuller nights rest, but it can also lift your mood and help you feel more empowered as a parent!

Humans respond greatly to touch! When we are stressed as adults, often little hugs, touches, and massages make us feel like we are floating back down again after a long day. This is even more true for babies! Babies thrive on gentle rubs, and cuddles to create an even more soothing environment and making everything in their ever-changing worlds all okay!

Setting a sleep routine!baby-19295_1920.jpg

Let’s face it, a perfectly sleeping babe each night is no easy task! Often the more wind down activities you can participate in with your little peanut and the more time they have to chill out works much better than going straight into sleep mode. Many babes can’t go from being busy little explorers and go into sleep mindset without a routinely calm session for sleep time!

Perhaps after a little warm bath, (or whatever your normal bedtime routine may be) during story time, don’t be afraid to practice baby massage and in a soothing motion for your babe!


What do I need to massage my baby?

Before beginning your lovely massage, you might like to consider having a few household items close to hand!

  • Soft natural perfume free cream– If you have decided to use cream, always go with something very natural and kind on babes skin. This is because the skin of your baby will be very delicate, and doesn’t respond well to harsh chemicals and ingredients at this age!glass-3141865_1920
  • Why should I use organic, cold pressed oils? These types of oils don’t have colours and have not been refined and stripped (unlike non-organic oils). This type of oil is also easier to absorb into your little one’s skin and won’t leave blobs of grease everywhere.
  • Cream or oil? Whichever you choose is entirely your preference! There is not one choice that is better, it just depends on what you as a parent want to put on your babies skin!olive-oil-968657_1920
  • Towels! Since you are working with oils or cream, popping a towel underneath little babe will help contain the grease!
  • Family massage! There is no reason to suggest why your little ones can’t massage you back once they are old enough to do so! Heck yeah, that sounds like a great night indeed!

How do I massage my baby? 


Please don’t worry! As long as you are gentle with little bean there’s not much you can do to do it the wrong way! Here are a few expert tips to have your baby feeling so relaxed and loved!

  • Gently rub your babe’s palms with your thumbs, working the oil and cream into his skin in little circular motions adorable-baby-black-and-white-8306
  • Lightly squeeze each finger (this in reflexology is meant to relieve tension)
  • From a letter C shape around babes thighs
  • Make a light little circle around his abdomen with your fingers sunblock-1461397_1920.jpg

Can I use natural oils on my baby? 

Yes! Always do a little patch test on the babe just to be on the safe side!

Not only does that have amazing benefits to skin, health, and mood but who wouldn’t love having a little babe smell of lavender?!

What you can use and why they are so amazing:

  • Chamomile oil– Fantastic for calming, soothing and relaxing your babe. chamomile-829220_1920Also great for babies with eczema and sensitive skin as chamomile is so great at relaxing our bodies and minds!
  • Lavender oil- It can soothe a fussy baby and help encourage sleep! Amazing smell, plus it has baby sedative effects!nature-3288400_1920
  • Tea tree is a natural antimicrobial, antifungal, and disinfectant. It can be a little strong so I’d avoid using on babes younger than 6 months just to be safe!flowers-3739284_1920.png
  • Dill is an antispasmodic oil (once broken down) which can ease indigestion! dill-8104_1920.jpg

I wish all of you some truly beautiful bonding moments with your babes! (Heres hoping you get one too!) Please as always pop us a comment if you enjoyed our post, or if you have any massage techniques of your own we would love love to hear!

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