Bare-Minimum parenting- The must-have survival guide

Nanny Maryanne


What? Bare minimum parenting?

Noo..that can’t be!

You rub your eyes and check the title again.

Bare minimum parenting!

Sound’s like music to your ears right?


What if I could tell you there is an easier way to raise a decent child AND come out the battleground of parenthood in one piece?

No more helicopter parenting. No more scary statements that make you obsess over every little thing that happens in your family!

Are you in? 

During my career as a Nanny, I’ve seen just about everything. One thing I find myself participating in, more than anything else, is normally calming and consoling parents.

Just last week, a parent broke down in front of me. She said she wasn’t good enough and kept getting things wrong. She felt incredibly bad when she couldn’t attend bake sales and school plays. And it’s funny. Her children are growing into wonderful, kind…

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