Gender neutral parenting, has it gone too far?

Nanny Maryanne

Wherever you are, whoever you are, It’s highly likely that you will have your own opinions on gender-neutral parenting and its effects, good or bad in today’s society.

My question to you is this,

do you think a gender-neutral style of parenting is completely harmless to our children or are we doing more harm than good?

 What does it all mean? 


Gender neutral parenting involves a parenting approach which encourages parents to break away from gender binary. It suggests parents should focus on raising their children in an open world in which they are free to express themselves without restrictions to whichever gender they were born as.

Children are brought up in a world which they are free to live as they choose. Girls and boys are raised be who they are given choice over who they are and what they wear without automatically falling into boy and girl stereotypes.

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