Budget-friendly Summer activities across Glasgow!

Whatever your budget, this Nanny has something up her sleeve!

There is nothing worse when the dreaded summer holidays come around again and within days you have worn out a few go to activities and the kids are already tired and irritated.

Glasgow is an amazing city. There’s a good chance you’ve walked by myself taking my Nanny kids somewhere super fun! There are endless gems to entertain your children with this Summer and I am excited to share them with you today!

Pack your bags lovely parents, this Summer is going to be the best!

If you guys have any more queries about travelling Scotland in general, head to the most wonderful fellow blogger at My Saturday Drive

BONUS-  I have left a free bonus at the end of my article just in case you need a tiny bit more help this Summer! monica-gozalo-138999-unsplash.jpg

Pick and mix jar

I actually know a Mother who tries this handy dancy technique with her two girls. Basically, they will write down lots of places they all want to go and put all these little notes into a jar or anything laying around the house! Each new day instead of running about saying “What are we doing today mama”? They will take turns every day to put their hand in the jar and pull out a place!

This works so well as it keeps it exciting for the whole family and avoids those nasty squabbles!


Alphabetical order

Why not tour Glasgow this Summer in order? This is a lovely way to keep up a little bit of learning when the kiddos are off school and at least they will always know what comes next! element5-digital-352043-unsplash

A day for mama

Was that sentence music to your ears? I might have guessed.

Just because the kids are off doesn’t mean you can’t have days which you get to pick what you’re doing. Heck, if that even means sliding into a hot bubble bath!karla-alexander-233768-unsplash.jpg

Free things to do across Glasgow

Unless money grew on trees (I wish!) there’s no chance we can fork out a fortune just to keep our little monkeys entertained this Summer.

So here is a lovely list of what you can do without causing holes in your pockets!

  1. Kelvingrove Park
  2. Glasgow’s Spy mission treasure hunt
  3. St Mungos Museum of Religious life
  4. The Scottish football museum
  5. Riverside Museum
  6. Botanic Gardens
  7. Glasgow Cathedral
  8. Pollock Country park
  9. The Peoples Palace
  10. Glasgow Green
  11. Cuningar Loop
  12. Victoria Park





Different days out

If you are looking for your little ones to experience something more, or perhaps you have already visited the general more popular places in Glasgow this section is just the ticket!

Lamont City Farm

Located in Erskine and free admission this place is not your average farm!

Lamont is a farm where animals are recused and if possible rehomed. They are all about animal welfare so this would be a lovely place to take the kids. A great opportunity to teach children about animals and why we must love and look after them!

The only problem here is that I would be running around trying to convince my partner to slip a horse into the car and bring it home!


Scottish Mask and Puppet Centre

This awesome place is a combined museum, workshop and theatre! Located in Kelvindale, this place is super handy for all us Glaswegians.

You can see puppets from all over the world and even get the chance to make some of your own! If that doesn’t sell you there is also a gallery, multimedia room and a cafe!

The centre also provides lots of shows and events throughout the year so your little ones are thoroughly exterminated and all you need to do is show up!


Sma Shott Cottages

I love how this place encourages little ones to learn about Glasgow’s history!

The Cottage provides the opportunity to view two periods in Paisley’s weaving history. As you enter you’ll be transported back almost 250 years!

You can find this gem in Paisley and unleash some Scottish history on your little ones!


Jurassic Parrr Adventure Golf


If you have a little dino loving monster, this place will be a win!

Located in Clydebank, if you fancy Golf with a BIG BIG difference, head over!

Just watch nothing has a nibble of your club’s!


The Climbing Academy

Get your kids staying fit this Summer and having fun!

Close to Kinning Park, after you complete your sessions you will get a certificate to show your bravery!


RollerStop Roller Rink

Roller disco anyone?

For those adults like myself who still have a big bit of kid in them, this one is great fun for all the family!

They have tonnes of sessions to choose from, Including family Autistic friendly sessions and weeknight adult skate!

If you are there look out for a big kid Nanny dancing her socks off!


Family-friendly events



BONUS- What if the weather buggers up?

Now I am crossing my fingers and toes that the weather stays lovely this Summer so we can all spend as much time getting our dose of Vitamin D!

Unfortunately, if Scotland meets up to its standards and you find yourself sort of stuck indoors then I have a few perfect home entertainment tricks which will work every time!

16 Bonus ideas!

  1. Paint with trucks and watch the cool patterns.
  2. Homemade instruments with an empty bottle and pasta.
  3. Birthday play dough. Count the candles and sing!
  4. Make a sensory calming bottle with bottled water, glitter glue and Jewels.
  5. Have a Pyjama/ Movie day and use face masks and lotions!
  6. Make a family photo Album.
  7. Workout together. Who says staying inside wasn’t healthy?!
  8. Board games.
  9. Have the kids (and you if your up for it) do a dress up day.
  10. DIY balance beam with scotch tape.
  11. Hide and seak.
  12. Family treasure hunt.
  13. Hot potato. Everyone has to sit and pass round a beanbag. When the music stops the person holding has to leave the circle!
  14. Chinese whispers. All sit in a circle and pass round a whisper. See if it stays the same!
  15. Simon says.
  16. Touch and feel box without looking! Use all different textures around your house and have your child guess what they are without looking.


As always I have to thank you all for reading my post and If you have any more suggestions please comment below!

Nanny M x

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