50 amazing things to do when your kids are bored!

Whether you’re stuck for Summer idea’s or you just need a little inspiration, Nanny M has got you!

I remember when I was little, I frequently used the phrase “Where are we going today”?

My poor Mama probably heard this far too much. But luckily enough for me, she was once a nursery teacher so she was AMAZING at keeping me ticking over. She also taught me at a young age to keep myself entertained. Which I stand by firm now, children don’t need constant direction from adults.

Sometimes it can be super tricky to keep everyone entertained in some way.

Plus, I do think a little screen time is fine but I don’t think we need to resort to plonking kiddos in front of the tv when the sun is gleaming and there are mud pies to be made!

Without further ado, here is a super long list of cheap, (mostly) screen-free activities your kids are going to love!

1- Spend a day Voulterring. 

Take food to a pantry, Put activity boxes together for a children’s hospital/ visit a nursing home/ Clean up the environment/ Volunteer to look after animals. Did you know there is such a thing as Therapy dogs? They visit hospitals, schools and sometimes even Uni’s during exam time to bring a lovely calm happy energy to people! If you fancy reading more about it click here!

I wonder if anyone wants to start something similar for hardworking Nannies?! This would be amazing!


2- Take out a cookbook recipe from the library and cook together.

Libary’ are always fun and educational! Find a fun, cheap recipe together and try it at home.

My only question is who is gonna click the spoon?


3- Buy cheap crafts and make handmade cards, just to put a smile on someone’s face.

This is a super lovely and thoughtful idea! I always find it much easier when I can buy everything I need in one big set. It really does cut the faff of wandering around shops when I could be home already, making the cards and eating ice cream! Try this one to get you started!

4- Start a garden or buy a little pot for the house. Teach little one how plants grow.

I love teaching children how to care for plants. It’s such a nice life skill and a cheap way to spend time outdoors!

Here are some photos of me and a beautiful Nanny kiddo planting!

5- Paint/draw each other.

Summer doesn’t have to be super expensive and complicated. Grab a blanket/ table and draw outside if Mr Sun is shining!

It’s always a go-to for us!


6- Camp in the garden or living room. Children always LOVE homemade forts!

Need I say more?

7- Beach day!

Water, sun (here’s hoping) and sand are always such great entertainers! Here’s a little picture of Nanny M at the beach after a shift!

Side note- how gorgeous is Scotland?!

8- Homemade obstacle course.

I remember I used to pop foam squares on the ground, leaving gaps in between and pretend the gaps were lava. I had a blast!
Here is exactly what I used!

9- Go swimming

Become mermaids for a day!

On a slightly more serious note, always make sure you are both safe in the water! Swimming pools should have lifeguards but its also important to know how to swim and stay safe in the water. I have left a little link before which tells you how to stay safe with swimming with children.

Staying safe with swimming with children 

10- Walk in the evenings after dinner

Switch up the usual Tv mumbo-jumbo and get some lovely fresh air!

11- Picnic in the park

Grab a few sandwiches and apples and your laughing! Little Peggy and I love a simple, fun picnic!

12- Playdates

Distracted children and human interaction, sorted!

13- Have the kids put on a play or magic show

This can be an awesome giggle and a lovely change from watching movies.

14- Have a family bike ride

Family bike rides are a great way to exercise together!


15- Make lollypops

Freeze breast milk for the little ones and use either yoghurt or low sugar fruit juice!

Did you know frozen breast milk is so good to soothe teething?

Check out how to do it here!

16- Make a homemade bird feeder together! 

This is super simple and just in case you aren’t sure Nanny M has you covered below with a handy dandy link!


How to make a bird feeder

17- Have a library day if the weather is yucky

Lots of libraries have summer activities on! Have a look what your local one offers.

18- Do some puzzles

Get the whole family involved and let the fun begin!

19 – Put shaving cream on a tray and learn about texture/ experiment

Super cheap to buy and is a great way to learn about texture!

20- Paint rocks

Spice up boring garden rocks with some colour!

21- Paint emotions on rocks and use to describe little one’s feelings

This can be a lovely idea when children are growing and don’t always know the words just yet to express how they are feeling. They can perhaps use red/ strong colours to share deep, angry emotions and bright ones for more positive feelings!

Sit down together and use the rocks to talk during any Summer squabbles.

22- Visit the farmers market

I don’t know about you but I just love fresh fruit and veg during the Summer!


23- Feed the ducks

Did you know bread causes health woes like obesity, malnutrition and possibly a crippling condition known as “angel wing”?

Angel wing is caused when birds intake a high-calorie diet and low in Vitamin D and E. The carpus (wrist) is twisted outward and unable to perform as normal. If the birdie is still young, it can be reversed by binding the wing and changing its diet but for older birds who have always had a carbohydrate-dense diet, the results are not so pretty.

Try food such as Corn, Duck pellets, Oats, Seeds and Lettuce torn into shreds.

Article on why you shouldn’t feed bread to ducks

24- Pick Berries

Have a day of making smoothies or simply just fill their bodies with tones of anti-oxidants!


25- Have a family hike day

This doesn’t have to be far away or compleated, choose somewhere to suit everyone and go see some amazing views!

My partner and I are always looking for new adventures. Here is a little shot of us Climbing (struggling) Ben Lomand, in Scotland.

26- Visit the movies

Lots of movies do special screenings for kids in the mornings which are much much cheaper!

27- Bake cookies

Get creative in the kitchen if the weather is bad!


28- Make a cardboard box into a house

I always say the BEST activities are the ones with no start and no end.

There are a million possibilities for cardboard boxes and your little one’s imagination can run wild. Try asking local shops if they have any empty boxes they could give you.

29- String beads into jewellery

Not even just beads! You can use pasta shells too and old laces to keep the cost down.


30- Learn about the stars

Did you know there is an estimation of around 100 million stars in the milky way alone?


31- Make paper boats and put them in the bath

Bath time just got even better!

Check out a simple how-to video here!

32- Make smoothies

Pump up your bodies with some awesome nutrition!


33- See if any factories in your area do kids tours

I used to watch the program Come Outside as a kiddo and I just loved the idea of learning how everything is made!

34-  Have a chill/ cuddle day

We all need these days, even me!


35- Have the kiddos write their own book

Make up your own story!

I have always been into writing and had the wildest imagination! I would often write such crazy stories and torture my family with never-ending pages of whatever was going on in my head!

36- Make your own tv/ news show

Something to embarrass your kids with when they turn 16!

37- Have a campfire outside or at the beach

What an awesome way to spend a summer night! Teach them to always be super careful around the fire too!


38- Have an A to Z scavenger hunt (A- find and Apple, B- Branch and so on)

Surprisingly, if you ever don’t know what to do with the family, this works every time.

39- Put on a crazy fashion show

Let the madness begin!

40- Spot different species of birds in the garden

Learn about nature!

If you are not super sure what bird is which, you can learn a little bit about birds here!


41- Go to a local soft play

Great idea to let the kiddos play and for mama to have a cup of tea!

42- Family workout

Encourage little ones to stay fit and healthy by example! Why not try Bike riding/ Yoga/ Pilates/ weightlifting/ long walks/ running/ dancing!

43- Make homemade perfume with rose petals

This is actually super simple to do! All you need is moist rose petals and water. Mush the petals down in the water and wala! Try using a spray that is cheap as chips to put it on your skin!

44- Plant a tree 

This can be a lovely idea to commemorate the memory of a loved one who is not longer with your family. The idea of watching something grow and teaching children how to care for our world is a lovely thing to do!


45- Create a family bucket list

Have a sit down together and let everyone have a say. Nothing crazy like jumbo jets and Dinsey land (although if that’s in your budget then I’m coming too!)

You never know, you might end up finding more about your family!

46- Make a fairy garden

There are some super cheap sets you can use to make a beautiful fairy garden anywhere!

46- Make slime

I’m yet to meet a kid that doesn’t just LOVE slime! With so many recipes and ingredients to choose from I have narrowed it down for you!

Simple slime recipe
Fluffy slime recipe
Rainbow slime

47- Make a photo album 

Get the little ones to help you choose what to put in the album!

48- Stage a Teddy bear hide and seak! 

Just hide the teddy and get your little ones to hunt for him!


49- Make fake snow using conditioner and baking soda! 

The fun without the cold!

Here is a how-to video!

50- Family trip

Take everyone somewhere close or far and explore the land!

If you can’t decide have everyone write a place on a bit of paper and pull one out a bag!

A massive thank you for reading as always!

Please don’t forget to share and give Nanny M some love down below!

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For now, I shall leave you with my Nanny Kids and I having the BEST Summer!



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