A Love Poem to My Nanny kiddos



On those special little days
When it’s all happening so fast
I can’t believe you have met,
Your Nanny, at last!

I knock on the door,
There’s pitter-patter of little feet,
Oh, how my job is truly a treat!

The door opens wide, and there’s a little smile.
Oh, how I hope it stays for a while!

In I step and you show me your world
From Teddies to Tantrums and all the snuggles that you need
Great little light, I am here to help you grow
Great little light,
I am here to help you glow

When I think of this job,
And all those new little faces
I can certainly admit that
You all put me through my paces!

Joking aside, each time that I meet you
I fall in love with you again
My beautiful little Munchkins
And life-long friends.

Please be aware
That I am going to be there
In the bad and the good
And in the morning brushing your hair.

I’m not going anywhere. Near or far
Growing little one
I’m here to stay
My bright shining star.

So as you grow please remember
I am not just your Nanny
I am so much more!
I see a part of my heart
Each time I knock your door

So I have a few last things to say
I promise it won’t take long
You’ll soon see me,
when I sing your Birthday song.

I will love and support you
And make you into the best person you can be
I will set boundaries and still have giggles
And even bring your Mama a Tea!

So there you are little one, so Brave and Clever
I only wish you knew
That I will be in your life forever.





20 Replies to “A Love Poem to My Nanny kiddos”

  1. Hi Nanny Mary Anne
    Your talents are endless they just seem to grow,but a Nanny means more than you’ll ever know.
    The learning the laughter the
    snuggles and more your part of their
    memories, a treasure to store
    Mary Muir

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ahh, that’s so sweet! It’s really good fun to make a little poem. Love seeing your little nanny creatures. I’m sure they will be so grateful for your poem when they’re old enough to understand it. Xx

    Liked by 1 person

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