Looking after your mental health during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Hello all! I am so sorry for being a little silent right now! As you can imagine my life as a Nanny very quickly flipped upside down, inwards, backwards… all the shapes a professional yoga master or mistress would be strongly proud of!

Before this all started I was working with two amazing families! As I don’t drive, we quickly decided to self isolate until everything calms down, I knew their little personalities and soft smushy cuddles all too well, it’s really strange going cold turkey!

As many of you know, normally, Marcel and I are avid travellers. Every single Saturday since we met you’d find us on a new adventure somewhere along the North coast. On my daily walk just before I started writing to you all I was listening to a song called Ten Seconds Before Sunrise by Tiesto. It’s a brilliant travel song. There’s something about having it playing while we lace round the waters of Loch Lomond just starting our drive where it seems like the whole world opens up. Our little adventures have me fall in love once again with my beautiful country over and over.

I’m teasing myself now!

Hey, that’s my story, I guess everyone will have different stories and stress they are currently experiencing. My point is with everything that is going on in your world at the moment, neglecting mental health makes everything 10 times worse.

As I sit in my living room with the evening sun beating down on me, and the window popped open I can hear little birds cheeping away on the trees outside. Who likes my beautiful tulips?


I don’t always want to blog, but having an open, light fresh air while I work I feel is much better for me mentally and emotionally.

I’ve also been cooking up a freaking storm lately! Which I’ll admit doesn’t always go to plan. For example, I made us some lentil soup today for lunch that looks a million times more like mushroom soup. Appetizing right?!

But hey, I made us a bang tidy Easter dinner last night and cake (because the world always needs more cake!). It turned out so well I did a little cooking dance in the kitchen to congratulate myself!


I want you to not let this idea of self- isolating become so hard it pulls you down. Keeping your brain lifted and used is an essential route to positive mental health. You can:

  • Work out

Motivation isn’t always going to be easy. Your body always needs exercise but it’ll tell you when you need it the most. For me, it’s usually compiled with frustrated grumbles and gripes that all seem a little less cloudy when I’m done sweating.

As it happens, my Brother is a personal trainer! As one of the most successful independent gyms in Glasgow who can still help you even though their gym is closed, I wouldn’t hesitate to look them up! Find them in the link below!

Train- Mind. Body. Soul

  • Walk

In all honesty before my little walk just there I was feeling a bit frustrated from being in the house all day and missing my cuties. Getting out for a little half an hour while practising social distancing really helped lift me up!

  • Be like mad scientist MaryAnne and get crafty in the kitchen

Learn something new in the kitchen and don’t worry if it doesn’t look or taste perfect. Try and try again!

  • Take photos

While I was stalling on cleaning the house I couldn’t resist stealing… I mean… cough cough borrowing Marcel’s camera and snapping these cuties in our garden. 5 points if you can name what type of bird it is!


Things you can do in your home

  • Learn a new language! Try Duolingo and get your creative juices flowing!
  • Write a story.
  • Learn nail art.
  • Learn something new with The open university.
  • Make a scrapbook
  • Plant/ plant flowers in old light bulbs and hang on strings!
  • Have a themed movie night.
  • Work on your garden or start a house project.
  • Make jewellery.
  • Photoshoot.
  • Have a spa night with candles and massages. What do you say, Marcel? (Note- have a look for a grumble in the comments).
  • Dine and dress up with your partner. Marcel and I tried this and it was such a lovely night!
  • Throw an indoor picnic.


You’re not alone!

I think the main feeling we all have in common is thinking surely I can’t be the only one who’s life is uprooted from the norm that it was before. It’s safe to say that there will always be people who are better off than you currently and people who are worse off than you.

Feeling low can have us feeling like we are alone and that truly isn’t the case!

Everyone I’ve spoken too is all going through a strange change in their lives and we are all trying to find the best and safest way to get through all of this.

Stay connected!

Self-isolation is what is safest for us at the moment but it can cause many of us feelings of anxiety and loneliness. Make sure to pick up the phone or write letters to family and friends as much as you can.

Last night at 8pm when everyone was cheering for the NHS I heard a lady a few streets away playing and singing songs for the surrounding neighbours, she had her microphone and everything all set up so it sounded like a real concert!

I think this is the perfect time to really notice and appreciate acts of kindness like this. I love how even in times like this where we are further apart than ever, some truly special humans make a big difference in pulling us together.


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    1. You are very welcome! Hope you are well and safe xx

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