Should we be telling our children they are beautiful?

Nanny Maryanne

I remember when I was growing up I had a tendency to overjudge myself. I really didn’t think much of who I am. I was always focussing on my imperfections and looking back now, they probably were the smallest things, but I guess in my head it was easily blown out of proportion.beautiful-931152_1920Thankfully, I had the best Mother in the world. At least once a day she’d look at me and say “Do you know how beautiful you are”? 

My goodness, it worked a treat. I could already feel myself walking taller.

Although this was a little bit of magic my Mother used very often, recently I have been observing some very different views and opinions from which I really want us to question if, in fact, Should we be complimenting our children? 

Let’s get some ideas!


Jo Swinson-

A British Liberal Democrat party politician recently suggested that complimenting…

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