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There are many reasons why you may be considering looking to hire a Nanny. Perhaps you are going back to work, or you don’t have a family member for a helping hand or maybe you just want a little well deserved TLC!


Deciding to employ a Nanny and have them around your precious bean is a massive step. There are very little of you that don’t feel somewhat anxious during this time and it’s only natural, this little munchkin is your world!

I have been a Nanny for a long time now and I understand what it is like to be on both sides

There are many things to consider and decide on before jumping right in and I’m here to cut the faff and make your job a little easier, woho!

What’s the meaning of this?

Before beginning your lovely search, it’s important to know the terms of each job listing so you get exactly what you are looking for!

There are a fair few different meanings but I will do my best not to overwhelm you. Simply knowing this will absolutely make this process a little clearer for you!


While a babysitter will still care for your children, they usually are employed to help out during date nights and day’s here and there. A babysitter is an awesome choice if you feel you and your loved one just need a little time every once in a while.



A Nanny normally involves more hours and typically a longer term of employment. Nannies normally work with 1 or 2 families long term. They work in partnership with the family and provide care, safety and education for their children.


Employed vs Self-employed

If a Nanny is self-employed, this means they have a little more control over when they work and how long they take off. Of course, within reason, make sure there is a contract where a decent notice time is communicated! Self-employed Nannies will have to handle their taxes themselves.

Employing a Nanny basically means you will be their boss. You will have to handle the Nanny’s tax for as long as the Nanny is needed!


After- school Nanny

Hint, the clue is in the title! The Nanny will work with you during after school hours!


Registered childminder

This means the childminder will care for your children in their own home. Much like a nursery, you will drop off the kiddos and pick them up again. Make sure to check if the childminder is registered. This basically means they are qualified and had all the safety checks on their home.


Au Pair

An au pair lives in your home! This means a room free of charge, meals and will be given time off for personal use. Although an Au pair lives with you, they should still be given detailed working hours. This is a great choice for you if your family travels a lot! Normally Au pairs travel with their families.


Mother’s help

Normally this job is for Mothers who have recently given birth, and need some extra help to feed and care for the baby while the Mother can work or rest!


Where to find this mythical creature

Okay, so now you know a good amount of variations in childcare it’s about time to find out where we can find these people!

First off, online is a minefield of childcare workers!

If you have access to the internet, check out
 and Nanny babysitter


Word of Mouth

Ask other families/ library/afterschool clubs/ school parents/ friends if they know any child carers. It’s a simple one but often someone who is experienced in your area will naturally have worked with a few families!

This will also give you immense comfort to know your carer has worked with other families, therefore, upping their credibility and put your worries at ease a little.

Check out some magazines

Magazines are a great way to go! Not only will they advertise childcarers, but they will also give you tips and tricks to boss this parenthood stuff! Check out nursery world
and this one.


Community notice boards

Check out your local town’s notice board or pop into libraries to see what is advertised. You never know you might just find your next carer!


Find someone who matches your style

Each Nanny you talk to will have a different personality and style with children. Make sure this person has a little in common with you. This will make the whole process easier as you’ll be keeping your caregiving styles fluid and it will be less confusing for the kiddos.

Of course, don’t go mad and look for your twin. However, all I’m saying is to find someone who will fit into your family rhythm!



This is one of the most vital things to include, I can’t recommend having contract enough!

A contract is just fab for keeping everything fair, legal and safe. They also ensure you and your worker are on the same page with everything from their role to payment and days.

What to include

  • Payment- Make sure you make it clear how much your carer will be paid, as well as what days (weekly/monthly) and how (bank transfer/ cash in hand)
  • Carer’s role. Outline exactly what their role is! If there are any extra duties such as cleaning make this clear.
  • Days and the hour’s carer will be needed! This keeps things simple and has it in writing to be safe.
  • 24-hour cancellation notice policy. Unless something major has happened, including this is a great protection for the Nanny.
  • Medication/allergies/ any support needs of the child. Including this again is an extra safety net for both parties and ensures the needs of your child is outlined clearly!


  • katya-austin-554633-unsplash.jpg

Take it slow

Like any relationship, if you are a little anxious then take it entirely at your pace. Perhaps have a few days out or playdates with the Nanny then trust your gut and do what your heart is telling you what do.

Don’t jump into anything you aren’t comfortable with, this is your kiddos and any good childcarer will understand that!

It’s is also important to take the carer’s role into account! Make sure everything is clear on the contract and keep it simple! Also, ensure you are just as fair to your carer as you are your family.

Be honest and upfront with the Nanny and tell them your feeling, they will for sure appreciate this and then understand the process of how you wish to take things!



I thank you so much for reading another blog post!

As always please contact me for anything. It is my mission to support and spread some of my Nanny love around this world!

Please comment and like to show your support to small business (small for now with your help)

How did this post help you?


Nanny M x



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  1. Reblogged this on Nanny Maryanne and commented:

    If you are looking for childcare, this is a must read!

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  2. River says:

    Child care is the hardest thing to find!! I got lucky with my 2 little ones. Good read!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree! It’s crazy hard sometimes to find exactly what you’re looking for! Super glad you enjoyed it! Have a lovely day

      Nanny M xx

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    2. Thank you so much! I’m so glad that you enjoyed it and best of luck in your search! xx

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  3. Kathryn W says:

    Struggling with this right now. Thanks for the great advice in this post!


    1. Awh I’m so glad this helped you! Can I give advice to anything else in particular? 😀
      Nanny M x


  4. phoward336 says:

    Very interesting – I especially loved the descriptions of the different types of caregivers. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Awh thabk you so much! Many parents have reached out to me, saying they have no idea where to begin! So I hope this helps and you have an awesome day! Xxx


  5. I think a big part is making sure you can trust the person, and also that they can trust you. Background checks are important and references are as well. I’ve looked for work through before and found many parents looking for nannies who I was interested in working for, but then something seemed off. So for both sides, trust and comfort is important.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes!! I couldn’t agree more! Working with families together invloves so much trust from both sides. I’m just stating what has worked for me, but if your gut tells you something is off, always always trust it. Thanks so much for commenting and I wish you a lovely day!
      Nanny M x


    2. That is so true! You are so right giving your child to someone entails massive trust! Are you a Nanny too? I get your point about the website, it’s so vital to trust your instincts always, just to be safe! I think you worded this wonderfully, trust and comfort is everything, and often that naturally takes time! Love, and Merry Christmas,
      Nanny M x


  6. stampyourfeet says:

    This is sooo helpful Nanny Maryanne, thank you for giving me some ideas as I just didn’t know where to begin!! Definitely agree with chatting to other local mummies, and with taking things slow. My main concern is that my husband works a complicated shift pattern and often gets overtime at the last minute. We’d like to do as much as we can between us but will need paid care fo fill in the gaps. Do you think most nannys would be flexible about their working hours, or is this very much down to the individual? I will probably have a ton more questions as we get going but for now thank you!! Xxx


    1. Yay im so glad you liked it and I really hope it helps to start out!! Totally agree, finding care is a bit daunting to say the least! Great question! For a live out Nanny it depends on how last minute we are talking. If you manage to find a Nanny close by this could work, although to make their time worthwhile you might like to discuss guaranteed hours per week so it is worth their time 🙂 Also, this may not be your thing depending on your comfort and house space, but perhaps for your situation you could look into a live in Nanny? This way if thing’s are a little last minute they would be right there, instead of having to panic, hehe! Honestly I do love supporting other families so don’t worry about it and fire away with all your questions! Warm wishes to your lovely family, love
      Nanny M xx


      1. stampyourfeet says:

        Thanks Maryanne 😊 we have some thinking to do… I’ll let you know how we get on! Xxx


      2. Absolutely, best of luck lovely ❤
        Nanny M x


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